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Technician Using Digital Cable Analyzer

Data Center Tools You Need

Always have a plan for taking care of unexpected data center issues, like a data center shutdown. Here are 3 key areas to address before a data shutdown impacts your business.
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Increase Cooling Efficiency 3 Steps

Increase Cooling Efficiency in 3 Steps

The importance of proper elemental control is often an overlooked component of server room planning. Ensuring adequate airflow and cooling strategies is essential to your equipment's upkeep and in keeping energy costs low.
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How to Select the Data Center Tools You Need

Do you feel like you have too many options when it comes to data center tools? Selecting the right data center tools is critically important to good data center management practices. These data center selection tools will help you compile your ideal shortlist of tools that make sense for your needs.
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Scaling With Confidence In Government

Scaling With Confidence in Government

Government and municipalities face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Federal agencies must demonstrate progress against updated data center optimization targets for virtualization, advanced energy metering, server utilization, and availability.
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Server Room Or Server Computers.3d Rendering.

Saving Energy, Money and Increasing Reliability

In an effort to keep you always running, I’d like to share my thoughts on the often-overlooked opportunity to dial in your business and save precious operating resources like money, real estate, and uptime. There is a chance you have an older legacy Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) somewhere in your
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Cooling Strategies For Your Server Room

Cooling Strategies for Your Server Room

When planning the layout of a server room, one commonly missed factor in efficiency is proper elemental control. Your server room will require more than just ventilation or cool air. Even if the server room temperature feels cool, there are other factors to consider to keep your data equipment from overheating.
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Cloud Computing Networking Concept

New Challenges – New Solutions

As we see the easing of restrictions in our society following the mass lockdowns and business interruptions, I thought it may be valuable to share some of my observations from servicing the Telecommunication and Datacenter industries through this crisis. Donwil has been providing critical infrastructure for powering, cooling, and monitoring
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Lessons From The Pandemic

Lessons From the Pandemic

I have run my business for roughly 20 years- successfully by most measures. The tough times, though few, have taught me a lot. The mistakes I made have taught even harder lessons. While the current crisis is by many estimations just beginning, the last 6 weeks have brought new insights
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rightsizing UPS

An Edge-ucation on Rightsizing Your UPS

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right-size UPS for your environment. As your Local Vertiv Office, we’re here to help you select the right power solution for your critical infrastructure. Here’s 5 tips to consider.
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Vertiv digital transformation for retail

3 Vertiv Products to Transform Your Retail Business

3 Vertiv Products to Transform Your Retail Business Retail business is not just about selling quality products at reasonable prices. It goes beyond that. It’s about creating a seamless experience between the consumer and the brand. But for retailers to remain competitive and agile in an ever-evolving market, they need
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Vertiv data center assessment

Unlocking Data Center Potential

How can you unlock hidden potential in your data center to better meet the needs of customers? In our work with diverse data center teams across the country, from tiny to mega -- each relies on two keys, data center assessment and innovative solutions.
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data center cooling

4 Steps to Better Data Center Cooling

Cost savings and carbon footprint reduction can sometimes seem like opposing goals. But there’s one place where the two go hand-in-hand: the data center. According to the Uptime Institute, data centers are responsible for as much as 35 percent of total energy use in non-manufacturing, information-intensive companies. But despite the data center’s heavy power load there is a great opportunity to save money through more effective energy management.
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data center disaster recovery

Protecting Your Business – 7 Essential Disaster Recovery Questions for SMBs

According to research by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of an unplanned data center outage in 2015 was $740,357. A report by Verizon showed even small data breaches -- those with fewer than 100 files lost – may cost between $18,120 and $35,730. The top causes of technology outages include: equipment failure, UPS failure, cybercrime, and human error. What will you do if your technology infrastructure experiences an unexpected failure?
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three arrows representing availability, skills, and security

Scaling for Growth: 3 Keys for Your Data Center

Technology is constantly evolving, and the processes and skills needed to manage it efficiently must evolve as well. Availability, security, and skills are key to ensure continuous efficient operations and the flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of customers.
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