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Don’t Leave Behind Power In Your Hpc Strategy (1)

Don’t Leave Behind Power in Your HPC Strategy

This year, liquid cooling has emerged as an efficient and effective solution for heat dissipation. Though it promises to be a reliable solution for heat management, it is only as reliable as the power delivery system upon which it depends. As data centers continue to face the challenges of managing HPC workloads, the adoption of liquid cooling technology will require a balanced approach that includes reliable power management solution
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Blue Cloud Solutions Brain Map With Data Center In Background

Solutions for Cloud Applications

Cloud Solutions for Your Data Center​ In the fast-changing world of business, data centers play a central role in organizations, ensuring seamless data and application management. For reliable, smooth operations, companies need agile, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Cloud computing is revolutionizing traditional data centers, making them more efficient and versatile
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Forklift Speeding By

IT Enterprise Solutions

IT Enterprise Solutions In the business world, time is of the essence. Whether you need to swiftly set up a micro data center, scale your colocation and cloud service capabilities, or establish a cable landing station, our factory-direct Vertiv products provide prefabricated solutions that are modular and customizable for all
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Man Looking At Rack System

IT Small Business Solutions

IT Small Business Solutions Business continuity is crucial for small businesses, no matter the industry. It ensures your company can continue your operations even in the face of disruptions or emergencies. As your Local Vertiv Office, we are equipped to empower your staff with all the tools and support they
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Leaves Growing Out Of Microchip With Wires

Green Computing and Sustaining Networks

Green Computing and Sustaining Networks As we celebrated Earth Day on April 22 this year, we were reminded of the global call to action for environmental responsibility. It is essential to reflect on the impact of network computing on our planet and the strides being made toward a greener future.
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Creating A Hybrid Cooling Environment Deploying Liquid Cooling In An Air Cooled Data Center (1)

Creating a Hybrid Cooling Environment: Deploying Liquid Cooling in an Air-Cooled Data Center

Traditionally, air-cooling systems have been the go-to solution for data center temperature management. However, as technology advances and rack power densities increase, many data centers are turning to a more hybrid cooling environment that introduces the use of liquid cooling. But transitioning to liquid cooling in an air-cooled data center is not a simple switch. It requires detailed planning, infrastructure upgrades, and a strategic vision.
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Robotic And Human Hand About To Touch

Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers​

Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers​ With artificial intelligence (AI) comes greater efficiency, reliability, and scalability, helping organizations meet the evolving demands of modern IT infrastructures. In terms of artificial intelligence in data centers, we at are proud to be your Local Vertiv Office, offering industry-leading products and services to help your
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Tackling High Tdp And Pue Challenges The Next Gen Data Center  (1) (1)

Tackling High TDP & PUE Challenges: The Next Gen Data Center

Now more than ever, there are two key challenges that data center professionals are continuously trying to tackle – managing high Thermal Design Power (TDP) and improving Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).   Amidst scaling complexities, these issues are no simpler to tackle. Industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, have embraced AI, big
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Artificial Intelligence Your Network

Data Center Artificial Intelligence in Your Network

Data Center Artificial Intelligence in Your Network From predictive maintenance and autonomous operations to security fortification and beyond, there are layers to Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) impact on data centers. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional, a technology enthusiast, or someone curious about the future of computing, our blog is designed
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What Should You Include In Your Idf Technology Plan (1)

What Should You Include in Your IDF Technology Plan?

Technology development never stops, and the need for efficient and optimal working spaces has never been more critical in the digital age. IT Directors who want to ensure the efficient operation and management of their network infrastructure must create a technology plan for an Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) or IT network closet. Here are key considerations you should keep top of mind.
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Business Continuity Plan Made By Two Employees

Solutions for Big Business Continuity

Solutions for Big Business Continuity Ensuring uninterrupted operations is vital for enterprise companies. Any downtime, whether caused by power outages, cooling system failures, or other unexpected events, can result in significant financial losses and damage to an organization’s reputation. Below we will dive deeper, discussing common business continuity issues and
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Taking Advantage Of E Rate For Technology Spending In School 1

Taking Advantage of E-Rate for Technology Spending in Schools

E-Rate is an excellent opportunity available to your school, and IT Directors should take advantage of it. Remember, purchasing the right technology and utilizing it properly can yield successful outcomes for teachers, students, and the school district as a whole. If you're interested in more about what critical infrastructure equipment can be used for E-Rate, get in touch with Donwil today.
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Costs Of Your Power & Cooling You Shouldn’t Overlook (2) (1)

Costs of Your Power and Cooling Environment You Shouldn’t Overlook

Most businesses have grown accustomed to the costs of powering mission-critical infrastructure and maintaining secure, reliable computing environments. Power and cooling environments are indeed essential components that directly impact the performance and reliability of mission-critical infrastructure. However, what most businesses fail to consider are the hidden costs of these environments.
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Why A Comprehensive Power & Cooling Strategy Is Important (1)

Why a Comprehensive Power and Cooling Strategy is Important

As businesses grow and evolve, it's important to consider the factors that keep everything running smoothly, especially when it comes to building performance and cooling. Unexpected downtime or high cooling costs can greatly impact the bottom line, causing added stress and potential setbacks.
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Spring Clean Your Way To Energy Efficiency (1)

Spring Clean Your Way to Energy Efficiency

Now is the perfect opportunity to evaluate the systems and processes powering your business and ensure peak performance. Take time now to plan upgrades and improvements that will boost operational efficiencies and keep your critical infrastructure primed to meet increasing demands as business accelerates in months ahead. 
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Vertiv Liebert I Com S

Data Center Cooling Management – Accelerate Your ROI

Data Center Cooling Management – Accelerate Your ROI In order to keep data centers running efficiently and safely, they must be closely monitored and always managed. Data center cooling management systems, also known as thermal management systems, must have a strong handle on temperature control. And it doesn’t matter how
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Protecting Data For Financial Institutions

Keys to Protecting Data for Financial Institutions

It’s no secret that banking and financial institutions collect and process massive amounts of sensitive data each and every day – and cybercriminals know it, too. A data breach can happen at any time if you’re not equipped with the right tools and protection. Today’s rapidly changing landscape includes the
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Dc Power Maintenance Strategies For Your Data Center

DC Power Maintenance Strategies for Your Data Center

DC Power Maintenance Strategies for Your Data Center The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) reported that 98% of all power outages last less than 10 seconds. While a brief period of time may seem inconsequential to some, even a blip of lost power can be detrimental to critical networks. Contrary
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Best Practices For Load Bank Testing Your Generator

Best Practices for Load Bank Testing Your Generator

Load-bank testing is an essential part of maintaining your generator. This will help avoid any mechanical failures that may occur due to extreme stress on the engine and other components when it's used during a power outage, which could lead to total loss if not properly cared for. Consider implementing these best practices for load bank testing.
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Why The Right Rack Matters in Your Data Center

Why the Right Rack Matters

Why the Right Rack Matters When it comes to selecting the right rack for your data center, you have options – perhaps too many options – which can create confusion and frustration among your team. How do you break it down when searching for the best rack system for your
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OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

Why Factory-Direct Services Save You Money

Why Factory-Direct Services Save You Money Without a well-planned budget and purpose-driven plan, running a data center can be exceedingly time-consuming and expensive. One of the best ways to increase efficiency and save money is to partner with a trusted factory-direct service provider who can get you what you need,
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Critical Infrastructure Firmware

Is your critical infrastructure firmware safe from a cybersecurity attack?

Is your critical infrastructure firmware safe from a cybersecurity attack? According to Microsoft's March 2021 Security Signals report, more than 80% of enterprises have experienced at least one firmware attack in the past two years, but only 29% of security budgets are allocated to protect firmware. That's pretty alarming, especially when you consider how vulnerable critical infrastructure systems can be. The good news is that there are measures you can take to mitigate risks. Let’s explore.
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Fire And Ice Concept Design With Spark. 3d Illustration to protect your data center

How to Protect Your Data Center in Extreme Weather

How to Protect Your Data Center in Extreme Weather Whether the weather brings scorching heat or frigid temps and ice storms, data center operators all throughout the nation must be prepared for any and all types of weather, in addition to other types of unexpected disasters. How can you protect
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Replace Or Repair What Does Your Commercial Hvac System Need (1)

Replace or Repair: What Does Your Commercial HVAC System Need?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the age and condition of your system, the severity of the problem, and the cost of repairs. If your system is relatively new and the problem is not too severe, repairs may be the best option. However, if your system is older or the problem is more serious, replacement may be a better choice.
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Improve Indoor Air Quality In K12 Schools

New School Year, New Opportunity to Improve IAQ

The new school year is upon us, and with it comes new opportunities. For students, it's a chance to start fresh and make new friends. For teachers, it's an opportunity to create engaging lesson plans and get to know their students. And for facility managers, it's a perfect opportunity to strategize how you can create a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment.
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Enhance Your K 12 School With The Right Tech Infrastructure (1)

Enhance Your K-12 School with The Right Tech Infrastructure

In today's digital age, it is not just the students who are learning new things. Schools have also been able to implement cutting-edge technologies into their teaching methods which offer more engaging experiences than ever before - but this means that there is a greater responsibility on our IT department for providing an effective network connection and ensuring all systems running smoothly.  
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Two Preteen Diverse Students Using Laptop In Classroom

Smart Spending for Schools Through E-Rate

Smart Spending for Schools Through E-Rate The Increasing Technology Needs in Today’s Classroom The widespread availability of the internet has completely revolutionized the education system. Students can practice a new language with a native speaker on the other side of the globe, gain real-time insights about their comprehension while playing
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The Business Man Is Sitting In The Office Near The Window With A

Storm-proofing Your Facility with a Reliable Battery Monitoring System

Storm-proofing Your Facility with a Reliable Battery Monitoring System Cyber-attacks and physical attacks often cause panic attacks in even the most sophisticated data centers. It’s an ongoing battle to keep your mission-critical systems up and running. Mankind is the culprit of some of these attacks, whereas others are purely Mother
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10 Signs It’s Time For A Ups Battery Replacement Blog Image 17

10 Signs It’s Time for a UPS Battery Replacement

10 Signs It’s Time for a UPS Battery Replacement Network uptime is critical for your business. An essential component of assuring your technology uptime is the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). These devices can often be forgotten as they have long lifespans and generally sit at the bottom of the tech
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example of a power distribution unit

5 Features to Look for in a PDU System

5 Features to Look for in a PDU System What is a PDU System? A PDU, or Power Distribution Unit, is a type of equipment that controls and distributes power to computers, servers, and networking devices within an IT environment.   To the untrained eye, some of these configurations appear to
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Why Vrf Is Becoming The Standard For Multi Story Buildings (1)

Why VRF is Becoming the Standard for Multi-Story Buildings

As multi-story buildings have become more common, so has the need for a more efficient way to heat and cool them. VRF systems have been gaining popularity in recent years as they offer a number of benefits over traditional HVAC systems, making them ideal for use in multi-story buildings.
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How to Keep Your Data Center Cool This Summer

How to Keep Your Data Center Cool This Summer During the summer months, it’s especially critical to be mindful of your data center’s heating and cooling patterns so that you can anticipate needs, prevent overheating, and avoid overspending on your energy bill. Taking a few key steps to improve efficiency
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Engineers discussing worldwide supply chain issues while looking at computer

Worldwide Supply Change Issues, When Will It End?

Data centers are under a lot of pressure to maintain uptime and keep companies running smoothly. With ongoing worldwide supply chain issues, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get the right parts at the right time, and industries of all kinds are feeling the effects of these delays. How Did
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Cottonwood In Cleveland Hvac Systems

Cottonwood in Cleveland: A Warning for Your HVAC System

Cottonwood in Cleveland: A Warning for Your HVAC System If you’re in Cleveland, you may have noticed the cottonwood trees blooming recently. And while the fluffy white things may look harmless, they can cause some big problems for your building’s HVAC system. The blooms only last a few weeks, but
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Smart Energy Solutions Image

Smart Energy Solutions to Improve Efficiency in Manufacturing

Smart Energy Solutions to Improve Efficiency in Manufacturing The manufacturing industry is a crucial component of our nation’s economy; it’s critical for not only day-to-day operations but also in keeping the U.S. competitive in the global market. However, being a powerhouse has its drawbacks. In order to produce the vital
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Cf Education

Empowering K-12 to Deliver World-Class Education 

Technology in the education sector is on a dramatic rise and is only going to continue. With the speed in which IT changes, many schools and school districts are looking to technology solution companies for the expertise, guidance, and tools they need to deliver world-class education at all times. Updated
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Technician Using Digital Cable Analyzer

Data Center Tools You Need

Always have a plan for taking care of unexpected data center issues, like a data center shutdown. Here are 3 key areas to address before a data shutdown impacts your business.
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Increase Cooling Efficiency 3 Steps

Increase Cooling Efficiency in 3 Steps

The importance of proper elemental control is often an overlooked component of server room planning. Ensuring adequate airflow and cooling strategies is essential to your equipment's upkeep and in keeping energy costs low.
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Man researching data on a laptop

How to Select the Data Center Tools You Need

Do you feel like you have too many options when it comes to data center tools? Selecting the right data center tools is critically important to good data center management practices. These data center selection tools will help you compile your ideal shortlist of tools that make sense for your needs.
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Scaling With Confidence In Government

Scaling With Confidence in Government

Government and municipalities face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Federal agencies must demonstrate progress against updated data center optimization targets for virtualization, advanced energy metering, server utilization, and availability.
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Server Room Or Server Computers.3d Rendering.

Saving Energy, Money and Increasing Reliability

In an effort to keep you always running, I’d like to share my thoughts on the often-overlooked opportunity to dial in your business and save precious operating resources like money, real estate, and uptime. There is a chance you have an older legacy Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) somewhere in your
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Cloud Computing Networking Concept

New Challenges – New Solutions

As we see the easing of restrictions in our society following the mass lockdowns and business interruptions, I thought it may be valuable to share some of my observations from servicing the Telecommunication and Datacenter industries through this crisis. Donwil has been providing critical infrastructure for powering, cooling, and monitoring
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Lessons From The Pandemic

Lessons From the Pandemic

I have run my business for roughly 20 years- successfully by most measures. The tough times, though few, have taught me a lot. The mistakes I made have taught even harder lessons. While the current crisis is by many estimations just beginning, the last 6 weeks have brought new insights
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What Type Of Pdu Do I Need

What Type of PDU Do I Need?

A PDU can help eliminate downtime, increase efficiency, and monitor power usage. There are many variations to PDUs depending on your business and power needs.
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rightsizing UPS

An Edge-ucation on Rightsizing Your UPS

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right-size UPS for your environment. As your Local Vertiv Office, we’re here to help you select the right power solution for your critical infrastructure. Here’s 5 tips to consider.
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Vertiv digital transformation for retail

3 Vertiv Products to Transform Your Retail Business

3 Vertiv Products to Transform Your Retail Business Retail business is not just about selling quality products at reasonable prices. It goes beyond that. It’s about creating a seamless experience between the consumer and the brand. But for retailers to remain competitive and agile in an ever-evolving market, they need
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