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Mini-Splits and Data Rooms – A Recipe for Disaster

When setting up your data room, selecting a configuration and temperature control unit that meets your needs can be overwhelming. A mistake frequently made is choosing a mini-split HVAC system to manage your data room’s climate. 

Let’s start with covering what a mini-split unit is, the problems it poses for data rooms, and which thermal management systems we recommend using in its place. 

What Is a Mini-Split System? 

A mini-split HVAC system, also known as a ductless HVAC system, is a compact heating and cooling model designed to help control the temperature of one room or a small area. There are two main parts of a mini-split unit: the outdoor compressor and the indoor air-handling unit. The most common uses for mini-splits are residential and commercial spaces that present challenges for installing a ducted heating or cooling system. 

Why Mini-Split HVAC Systems Don’t Work Well for Data Rooms 

Though it may seem like a good solution to use a mini-split system to control the temperature of your data room, there are a few obstacles you need to consider. 

  • Depending on your location, mini-split units do not work below a certain outside ambient temperature. If you’re living somewhere with harsh winter conditions, you could run into some problems regulating the temperature of your data room. In fact, mini-split units typically are unable to operate below -20℉. 
  • Data rooms or data centers require around-the-clock monitoring. In most cases, mini-split HVAC systems do not connect to remote monitoring controls in order for you to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • If you install a mini-split in the wrong location or use one that’s improperly sized for your space, you could end up wasting energy and having issues with temperature control.
  • Mini-split HVAC systems blow air from one spot instead of circulating air from multiple vents throughout your space. This may cause some uneven heating and cooling, making your IT environment vulnerable to excessive heat, cold, or humidity.

Cooling Systems Designed for Data Rooms 

Donwil carries a variety of products designed to control the temperature of data rooms and centers. From Vertiv to Liebert AC power systems, we have everything you need to maintain your data center’s ideal conditions and protect your technical equipment. 

Unlike mini-split HVAC systems, the use of thermal management tools and units are manufactured to monitor, control, and support your data room’s heating and cooling needs. When running on the proper equipment, you can rest easy knowing your IT environment is secure and optimized. Vertiv and Liebert systems are known for their commitment to reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Keep Your Data Rooms Protected with Donwil 

Are you interested in learning more about our HVAC products for data rooms and centers? Connect with an expert at Donwil to better understand your environment’s needs and select the right products to allow your systems to remain always running. Get the conversation started by contacting Donwil today! 

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