VRF Products

• The operating range makes VRF systems a suitable choice for nearly every climate
• Connection ratios up to 150% and vertical piping lift up to 360 feet provide ultimate design flexibility
• Capacities from 6 to 36 tons meet diverse application requirements
• Dual inverter-driven compressors increase efficiency (in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 ton models)
• Compact design makes installation easy and provides design flexibility
• Advanced inverter compressors modulate refrigerant flow, offering precise solutions for maximum comfort
• Systems feature higher capacities at low and high ambient temperatures
• Smooth drive control improves comfort and efficiency
• Operation is whisper-quiet with sound ratings as low as 51 dBA

Compact, flexible systems are ideal for challenging applications:
• high-rise buildings where space is at a premium
• coastal and extreme-weather regions where elements can damage HVAC equipment
• projects where space or weight are an issue
• architecturally restricted properties
• projects where local codes limit refrigerant use
• buildings with cooling towers/boilers

Hitachi VRF Indoor Units are easy to install, service and maintain. A wide variety of units are available in styles and capacities to fit multiple applications. Units have sound ratings as low as 26 dBA.

Design flexibility is yours with multiple change-over box options. Available in single-, 4-, 8- and 12-port configurations, these change-over boxes enable you to meet current application needs and easily accommodate future growth:
• Multi-port and single-port options enable fully customized designs
• More choices means there are more ways to reduce costs (including material and labor)
• No drain or condensate considerations

We give you multiple control options including:
• wired and wireless controllers for managing zones
• central stations for controlling the entire system
• the VRF Cloud Gateway for remote control
• the LONWorks® adapter or ground-breaking Johnson Controls VRF Smart Gateway for controlling the VRF system through building automation systems