Hitachi is the world’s third largest manufacturer of VRF devices.

Johnson Controls has invested $2.8 billion in buying 60% of Hitachi’s Air-Conditioning division, bringing the best of both worlds to the North American market: unmet VRF innovation from a major VRF supplier through one of the most known manufacturers of traditional HVAC systems and controls.

Johnson Controls recently launched the second generation of VRF HVAC equipment for the North American market, the Hitachi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Gen II.

Traditional HVAC systems can’t match SmartFlex single- and multi-zone mini-split systems for delivering optimum comfort and efficiency. As a result, they can bring new sales opportunities to your business. They are the smart choice for:

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  • Commercial sales and consulting engineers who have to solve difficult heating and cooling challenges on job sites where the adjustment of existing systems will not satisfy the need

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