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For more than 20 years, Southern Tier Technologies has designed hundreds of innovative power quality solutions for ‘mission-critical’ applications all over the world.

Southern Tier Technologies is a power quality company focused on providing customers with Innovative Solutions for Clean, Reliable Power; focused on delivering intelligent, easy-to-use products and services that exceed customer’s expectations each and every time.

Tier AF 800

Arc Flash Relay System

The Tier AF series is an externally installed control cabinet that uses both fiber optic sensors and current transformers (CTs) to immediately detect both light and current associated with an arc flash event and quickly activate a system disconnect.

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Tier 500PFC

Dynamic Power Factor Correction

“Real-time” power monitoring and microprocessor control technology to continuously evaluate your electrical system and engage the exact amount of power correction at the precise moment it’s needed.

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Tier 460SPD

Motor Surge Protective Devices

The Tier 460 series Motor SPDs feature the industry’s most advanced metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology. Its thermally protective, and arc extinguishing, design has a significant advantage when subjected to abnormal over-voltage and high fault current.

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Tier 400SPD

Surge Protective Devices

Southern Tier Technologies developed a series of products designed to protect critical locations; the Tier 400SPD series. The product family is available in a wide range of voltage and surge levels, ideally suited for service entrance locations on down to the smallest branch panel.

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Tier 200SF

Surge Protective Devices

Low-energy transients and high-frequency noise events are responsible for both disruption and long-term degradation of sensitive microprocessor driven equipment. A complete power protection strategy should include installation of a high frequency noise/surge filter at the input of your most critical equipment as well as at the output of known disruptive devices.

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Tier 100SPD

Surge Protective Devices 

Southern Tier Technologies’ Tier-100 HVCP48 is a hybrid surge protective device (SPD) featuring DC power, data and video protection in one compact package. Each circuit is capable of handling high-energy events and protecting  sensitive equipment.

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