VRF systems are ideal for K-12 and college campuses where space is limited, quiet performance is critical and many spaces go unused for extended periods such as:
• administration offices
• dorm buildings
• classroom wing additions

Targeted heating and cooling is advantageous in healthcare settings where individual spaces have distinct needs such as:
• exam rooms
• labs
• imaging rooms
• waiting areas
• staff offices

Assisted living facilities have a multitude of spaces — and HVAC needs. Hitachi VRF systems are the ideal solution for the disparate needs of:
• apartments
• common areas
• fitness areas
• commercial space
• staff offices

The lodging industry has unique HVAC requirements with spaces that range from small guest rooms to large banquet halls. Hitachi VRF Systems are the ideal solution for:
• guest rooms
• restaurants
• conference rooms/ bars
• fitness areas / staff offices

A single building can house multiple retail spaces – some that are undeveloped and others that have different footprints and operating hours. VRF systems are ideally suited to this type of retail environment which includes:
• shops
• small restaurants
• cafes
• small clinics

The different exposures of office buildings make it difficult for traditional HVAC systems to keep all areas comfortable throughout the day. VRF technology easily solves this problem with targeted heating and cooling for:
• offices
• conference rooms
• open work spaces
• dining areas

Apartment and condo buildings include both individual residences and common areas. VRF technology is exceptionally well-suited to these environments, providing cost-effective comfort in:
• residences
• common areas
• fitness areas