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Cloud-based monitoring is one option for your data center.

Is a Cloud-Based Monitoring Solution Right for Your Data Center?

Selecting the right monitoring solution for your data center is crucial. If you’ve been considering cloud-based monitoring for your infrastructure, you’ll need to determine if its features align with the goals and functionality of your business. 

Cloud-Based Monitoring with Donwil 

At Donwil, we’ve partnered with the best in cloud-based monitoring – Critical Labs. While this blog only covers the benefits and features of Critical Labs, the information should provide you with a baseline understanding of cloud-based monitoring solutions, generally speaking. 

A cloud-based monitoring solution can report on the health of your equipment in one cohesive application. Beyond the convenience of accessing the cloud from anywhere, there are three key benefits for choosing cloud-based monitoring.  

Cloud-based monitoring is…

  • Intuitive
  • Cost-effective 
  • Adaptable  

Exploring the Features of Critical Labs Cloud-Based Monitoring 

The Critical Labs’ cloud-based monitoring tool comes with a long list of features and functionalities. The following list below is not comprehensive, but should outline its primary attributes.

Brand-Agnostic Edge Monitoring 

With Critical Labs, you can support several industry-standard protocols and even wireless sensors that allow you to oversee various types of equipment on one unified platform. 

Easy to Deploy 

When selecting a data center monitoring tool, the last thing you want to deal with is roadblocks with deployment and the monitoring process. With Critical Labs, your cloud-based monitoring deployments can simply be monitored from anywhere, and requires minimal maintenance. 


Because your monitoring is happening on the cloud, anyone from engineers to manufacturers and technicians can access the shared dashboard to problem solve as a team. 

Simplified Management

Stay on top of your service management and maintenance using the alert timers built into the platform. 

Real-Time Data 

Critical Labs’ cloud-based monitoring platform has a drag-n-drop simple dashboard that allows you to view live data whenever you need it.  

Broad Connectivity 

You can connect any equipment that is compatible with Modbus or a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). 

Cloud-Based Monitoring vs. On-Premise Monitoring 

Cloud-based monitoring applications contain many of the same features as on-premise monitoring software, but how do they differ? On-premise monitoring software is installed directly on-site, without remote monitoring capabilities. When you work with on-premise monitoring, it leads to increased security – a benefit frequently sought in critical operations. But on the downside, it does offer less accessibility. 

Data Center Monitoring with Donwil 

Struggling to find the right data center monitoring platform for your business? From real-time insights on your data center’s infrastructure to creating efficiencies with accurate and timely information, Donwil is here to get you on the right track. 

Whether you choose cloud-based or on-premise monitoring solutions, our experts can walk you through the whole process from start to finish. Keep your data center always running and contact us to get started today. 

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