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A server room unaffected by humidity.

Humidity and Server Rooms: Are You Protecting Your Critical IT Equipment?

Anyone who has invested in a server room/data center for their business knows how fragile and costly IT equipment can be. Stabilizing your server room humidity and temperature is crucial to ensure your business’s critical IT equipment is always running

Is it Hot in Here?

When configuring a server room’s HVAC setup, keep in mind, humidity levels should remain between 40 and 50 percent. It’s important to control your humidity levels because as humidity levels rise, the amount of water vapor in the air also increases. When too much water vapor is in the air, condensation can start forming on your IT equipment. 

If you’ve ever dropped your smartphone in water before, you know that water and electronics do not play well together. When it comes to expensive servers, setting them in a container of dry rice won’t cut it.

The Sweet Spot (For the Ideal Server Room Temperature)

Humidity is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining your server room’s climate. The temperature settings of your room go hand-in-hand with humidity levels. So, what is the best temperature for your server room to be at and why? The ideal server room temperature should be between 65℉ to 75℉

To stay in this temperature range, experts recommend installing a separate HVAC unit dedicated to cooling your server room. Without consistent temperature control, you risk IT equipment overheating, water damage from condensation, and decreased technological efficiencies of your IT equipment. 

The Risks of Gambling with Your Server Room Humidity Levels 

By now, it should be no surprise that data center and server rooms need to be kept within a safe temperature and humidity range. When an overheated server can cost your business thousands of dollars in damages and downtime, it should be a no-brainer for decision-makers to invest in reliable thermal management systems. 

When you select the right cooling system that is designed to maintain your IT environment’s temperature, you get: 

  • Monitoring capabilities 
  • Lower risk of downtime
  • Increased equipment longevity 
  • Less chance of water damage
  • Reliable temperature and humidity control 
  • Lower risk of overheating devices

How to Control Humidity in a Server Room 

Understanding the value of temperature control for your servers and data centers is just the first step. Next, you’ll need to begin selecting the right equipment for your space which can feel a little overwhelming. At Donwil, we’ve developed a tool to assist you with selecting your server room’s humidity and cooling needs. With the use of the Thermal Management Selection Tool, you can browse for: 

  • Computer air room conditioning
  • Precision air conditioning units for both small or large server rooms
  • Telecom and shelter cooling
  • Self-contained server rack cooling
  • In-row server rack cooling
  • Custom air units for cooling and heat rejection systems 

Recommended Products for Server Room Humidity and Temperature Control

Carrying a full line of Vertiv and Liebert cooling and thermal management products, there is no server room, big or small, that we can’t support. Given the large number of solutions to choose from, it’s critical that you consult a professional to walk you through the best options for your environment. 

Donwil: Keeping Your Critical IT Equipment Always Running 

Ready to connect with an expert on the thermal management of your server room? Contact Donwil today to get started protecting and maintaining your IT infrastructure with reliable premium data center solutions, air quality and HVAC services, and more. 

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