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The Importance of Event Exception Monitoring and Asset Management at the Edge

Companies of all sizes have recently increased their reliance on edge networks, and that means IT and I&O leaders now have many more remote facilities and equipment to manage. No one wants to deal with a nightmare outage at a far-off facility in the middle of the night or have critical IoT sensors and devices fail. That is why it is important to have clear event exception monitoring and asset management protocols for all your edge facilities and devices.

Why Is Edge Management So Important Now?

Thanks to the ever-growing prevalence of IoT, traffic is on the rise at the edge. Experts estimate that 45% of all IoT data is processed at the edge and, in today’s tech-driven world, that data needs to be reliably processed at top speed, no matter the load.

Considering the importance of IoT devices to real-time monitoring, security, and agile decision-making, a small delay in processing speed can become a large annoyance quickly. A massive delay, such as one due to an unplanned shutdown, can rapidly become a business disaster that impacts everything from compliance to profits.

With high stakes like these, maintaining clear and immediate insight into your edge networks, including all devices, has become extremely important for today’s often overstretched IT professionals.

How Does Event Exception Monitoring Help with Edge Management?

With so many distributed networks, companies now have thousands of pieces of critical equipment spread across their networks. Unfortunately, they have little to no access or visibility into the status of each piece of equipment.

As we all know, technology requires regular attention and maintenance to avoid unexpected setbacks, and IoT devices are no different. However, the lack of visibility into edge equipment makes it difficult for IT to keep tabs on the status of IoT performance and scheduling for preventive maintenance and refreshes.

Relying on a “fingers-crossed” approach is a bad idea for critical IoT tools, which is why many companies are now turning to remote event exception monitoring and asset management solutions like Critical Labs.

What Is Critical Labs?

Critical Labs is a cloud-based remote monitoring solution that supports industry-standard protocols and wireless sensors to give your team eyes and ears into even the most faraway edge equipment. In addition to securely delivering real-time insight into the status and performance of all your critical IoT devices from anywhere and at any time, Critical Labs can also help you reduce your total energy costs by measuring your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and notifying you of unexpected changes.

When it comes to asset management for each of your devices, Critical Labs can also help you stay on top of service management and recommended maintenance with schedules and timers that you can set to alert you when attention is needed.

Here is a small sampling of what Critical Labs can monitor for your IT team in your data center, generators, and edge IoT devices:

  • AC and DC power outages
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Energy usage
  • Airflow
  • Vibration and shock
  • Dust particles and smoke
  • Motion and sound
  • Acid battery leaks
  • Rack locks
  • And more…

Don’t Push Your Edge Networks to the “Edge” of Your Vision – Keep Them Front and Center with Donwil

The data center experts at Donwil have spent nearly 60 years helping clients improve the performance, reliability, and longevity of their data center equipment. We understand the importance of keeping tabs on edge networks and devices.

Our expert team is always happy to provide advice that helps your organization explore your range of options available to boost and maintain data center and edge performance, so please contact us when you are ready to learn how you can keep your edge equipment always running.

Contact Donwil to Learn More About Edge Monitoring

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