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An old building ripe for VRF HVAC system reclamation.

The Benefits of Using VRF HVAC Systems in Reclaimed Buildings

Choose Your System Wisely 

It’s becoming quite common to refurbish old buildings and turn them into something new. But, when it comes to choosing the right ventilation system for your next remodel, there are a few things one must consider. Join us as we dive into why VRF HVAC systems are the ideal solution for reclaimed building renovations. 

The Popularity of Reclaimed Buildings 

Old buildings have a lot of charm and architectural integrity that’s hard to find these days. Rather than tearing down these well-loved places, companies everywhere are refurbishing the properties to give them a new life. From retail spaces to coffee shops, apartments, and coworking offices, the historical appeal of older buildings has caught the world’s attention. 

One of our favorite nearby projects is Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron, Ohio. The former B.F. Goodrich plant now hosts entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, corporate teams, gamers, and artists.

The Benefits of Using VRF HVAC Systems in Reclaimed Buildings

If there is one thing that makes VRF systems the best choice for reclaimed buildings, it’s that they’re ductless. When renovating an old building, it can be a challenge to run ductwork throughout the space without creating extra work and additional costs. Not to mention, when you select a system that isn’t ductless, you run the risk of installing multiple heating and cooling appliances that take up valuable room. 

With VRF HVAC systems, you can plug and play with condensers outside the building and manage the temperature control of zones throughout the space. VRF systems are piped wherever they need to be in your building which means you don’t have to install a heating and cooling unit for each apartment in a building. Fifty apartments in one building are equivalent to fifty individual cooling units. No thanks! 

Some other notable benefits of VRF HVAC systems include: 

  • Energy efficiency 
  • Temperature control 
  • Zoned comfort 
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible design structure
  • Simple control settings 

Choosing the Right VRF System for Your Space

From air source to water source VRF units and controls, Donwil has the right system for your next project. One of the best things about the vast operating range of VRF HVAC systems is that it makes them a suitable option for nearly any climate. 

Whether you’re looking for a system for a reclaimed building or you’re interested in the other ways to utilize a VRF system, our experts can help you find the right equipment needed to keep things cool and always running smoothly. 

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