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How to Select the Data Center Tools You Need

Do you feel like you have too many options when it comes to data center tools? The data center selection tools below will help you compile your ideal shortlist of the data center tools that make sense for your needs.

Why So Many Companies Choose the Wrong Data Center Tools

For companies expanding their server rooms or redesigning their data centers, having too many options is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the feeling of overwhelm that comes with having to sort through options can lead to “analysis paralysis,” which can slow or stop busy IT leaders from moving forward with their selection process for the right data center tools.

If IT leaders put these decisions off too long, a data center emergency like a shutdown or power surge may force a fast decision on a less-than-ideal solution. If you feel you need to optimize your data center infrastructure, it is a better choice to examine your full range of options for data center management before an emergency. That way, you can address any future emergencies quickly – or avoid them altogether.

How to Choose the Right Tools for Data Center Management

Here at Donwil, we believe that selecting the right data center tools is critically important to good data center management practices. That is why we have compiled a range of useful data center selection tools that will help you begin narrowing down your options with confidence.

Each selection tool listed below helps you view the most applicable tools for your data center or server room setup. This means you won’t have to waste any time researching options that simply won’t work for your needs. Let’s dive in.

UPS Selection Tool

This handy UPS selection tool helps you find the best solution for your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) needs. Since UPS solutions are the critically important “bridge” between the time it takes from a power outage to the generator start up, you will want to make sure you have the right tool that can power your organization no matter what happens.

Expert selection tip: Not sure if you need a three-phase or one-phase UPS? A single phase is for smaller energy consumers and/or in small data centers not optimized for three-phase power. A three-phase system is specially designed to handle the needs of larger energy consumers. Remember, it’s not the size of your data center that matters here, but the energy consumption. Many very small data centers require three-phase power.

Thermal Management Selection Tool

Narrow your choices in terms of setup, cooling method, and location, so you can find the right precision cooling solution for your exact needs. Whether you have a tiny locked cabinet or a large sprawling room with awkward ceilings, this tool will help you choose the right cooling system.

Rack PDU Selection Tool

This tool is a little more detailed in your options because it is provided directly by the data center power solution manufacturers at Vertiv. Rack PDUs deliver convenient placement options, especially for high density systems, and can eliminate cable management headaches entirely.

Expert selection tip: Remember that modern PDUs can deliver superior remote monitoring capabilities, which can significantly improve your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics and help you avoid mishaps. As you are investigating your options, please keep remote monitoring in mind.

Battery Systems

This selection tool for batteries looks a little different from the other data center selection tools, but it still helps you narrow your choices once you select your kW range, location, and anticipated or design life requirements.

You’ll also notice that this tool focuses on VRLA batteries, which feature a spill-free design (even if the case is damaged) and have less required maintenance than other batteries because their sealed form doesn’t require additional water or electrolytes.

Need Some Expert Advice? Donwil Provides Data Center Help

Now that you have narrowed your selections to the top solutions for your needs, your next step should be to schedule a Professional Assessment appointment with your local data center infrastructure expert. A Professional Assessment will identify gaps in your power and cooling infrastructure and make suggestions for improvement that you can use to lower your energy costs, improve availability, and plan for greater capacity.

If your business is located in Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia, or Eastern Ohio, the team at Donwil are the experts to trust when it comes to your Professional Assessment.

Schedule Your Professional Assessment Appointment with Donwil

Since 1965, Donwil has been the team to trust for sales backed by responsive and reliable service for enterprises that want to get the most from their critical business process power and cooling solutions. As the exclusive provider of Vertiv, Liebert, Starline, and Hitachi, Donwil delivers a range of critical services and solutions to keep organizations across Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia, and Eastern Ohio always running.

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