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Data Center Infrastructure Challenges Education

4 Infrastructure Challenges that Can Drive Innovation in Education

The educational sector is on the cusp of a digital transformation. New technologies and advancements in student learning pose challenges of managing a traditional IT network. And yet at the same time these challenges are driving innovation and opportunities across campuses worldwide.

For education institutions to adapt and evolve their technology to meet the demands of their teachers and students, here are three infrastructure challenges IT managers must overcome.

Managing Large Campuses with a Small Team

Traditional campus environments utilize multiple buildings, often within long distance of each other. While they all connect to the same network, it can ultimately make management a nightmare.

Small IT teams are responsible for overseeing the entire network which means they need visibility, access, control and management of all the IT assets spread throughout the campus in a centralized way.

Protecting and Securing Data

Not only is it a challenge to maintain the network, but IT managers must ensure that sensitive, personal information of the students and teachers are protected.

With ongoing rise of cyber-attacks, IT managers must be diligent about protecting assets including hardware and software.

However, many smaller IT teams don’t utilize or have access to centralized tools to monitor, protect, and manage these critical assets.

Limited Space with High-Density Needs

Another infrastructure challenge in the education sector is space and accessibility. Most spaces are intended to meet the needs of student’s classes, not the institution’s IT environment.

And as campus initiatives are constantly changing, IT teams must remain agile and be able to scale and grow accordingly. These needs become more complex requiring comprehensive solutions to solve for the challenges of heating, cooling, space, and managing massive data.

Opportunities for IT Excellence in Education: Think Smart

Improving infrastructure and embracing innovative data center solutions can help IT managers in the education space drive and exceed their goals.

SmartRow DCX

Smartrow Dcx

One way to make an impact with a smaller footprint is using a high-density solution like Vertiv’s SmartRow. This a space-saving, fully integrated row-based data infrastructure is both energy and spatially efficient.

With factory integration and testing, it’s ready to install right off the factory floor with a design customized to your building’s requirements. The thermal management and power distribution systems are designed with integrated controls to simplify management and operation.

The SmartRow DCX combines four to fourteen racks with data center grade thermal management, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies and cable management all in an enclosed room neutral system.


Smartaisle Infrastructure

For larger operations, the SmartAisle system is perfect, with an optimized row-based system of up to 40 racks.

It also allows for easy expansion, with a flexible platform design. This smart system maximizes the return temperature at the cooling units to improve capacity and efficiency.

Even better, it helps improve productivity and standardize equipment moves, adds and changes with monitoring and management technologies to meet the demand of your environment. 

Smart Solutions for Your Data Center Needs

 Whether you’re a smaller office or working out of a large facility, Vertiv’s Smart solutions offer options for every level of data center need, from single cabinets to full prefabricated data centers, all designed to easily grow with your operation.

Ready for a change in your educational institution? Contact your Local Vertiv Office to get started.

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