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Operate Below The Green Line (002)

Staying Below the “Green Line” with Critical Monitoring

If there was a competition for the most overused word in Corporate America, the word “data” would win by a solid margin, albeit it’s overuse is for good reason.  Every facet of business is focused on the concrete, nuts and bolts numbers that back up a function or initiative.  Operations talks about data in terms of efficiency.  Sales talks data in terms of revenue opportunity in the pipeline.  Ironically, IT folks are the ones tasked with collecting and organizing data for their internal organizations yet some of their processes are not quite data driven. 

Critical IT infrastructure (think machines that keep things cool, efficient, and provide clean backed up power) duties and responsibilities of maintaining these front line devices fall somewhere in the void between IT and facilities.  Inevitably, things like preventive maintenance, filter changes, battery replacements, and overall health check ups slip through the cracks.  That means chasing alarms and fixing things that are already broken leaving your network vulnerable to downtime.

Enter the “Green Line”.  I first heard this term from Tim Nass with Critical Labs, our partner for critical infrastructure monitoring, during a video interview we were putting together about the importance of critical monitoring in various industries.  The green line is the space where things are fully operational, but you are acting in a proactive manner vs reactive by taking the time to perform preventive maintenance and battery replacements.

How do you live below the green line?  By being able to view the data that gives you the opportunity to fix problems before they happen.  By being able to view every piece of critical IT infrastructure remotely in a centralized dashboard gives you a window to view the previously unseen.  Things like temperature and humidity within the rack environment as well as usage percentages, outages, voltage drops, and total load percentages so you can accurately rack and stack your next big project.

Live below the green line and stay in front of your remote IT infrastructure by accessing the critical data for your critical infrastructure. 

Dean Stevens
Channel Sales Manager
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