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Man sets up server room which needs to be stored in the proper environment

Server Room Tips – What Every Server Room Needs

IT leaders focus a lot of time and effort on selecting and implementing efficient, effective, high-performance equipment for their server rooms and data centers. However, many leaders forget that the environment equipment is stored in is nearly as important as the equipment itself

Here are 3 key server room tips to remember when you’re planning a new data center equipment upgrade. 

3 Top Server Room Tips to Remember

As in most large IT-related purchases, careful planning is the secret to success.

1. Plan for Temperature

These days, server room equipment is smaller than ever before, which makes it easy to shrink your data center’s footprint down to almost nothing. However, even though the equipment is smaller, it’s also more powerful than it was in the past and it often runs hot. 

When planning for your server room setup, remember to consider airflow and temperature distribution around the racks; you can plan for hot and cold aisles, set up strategic fans or in-rack cooling systems, and carefully consider whether your data center’s HVAC system is built to handle the precise humidity and temperature requirements for machines.

2. Plan for Power 

I&O leaders dream of someday in the future when cable management and battery systems can be afterthoughts – but that day isn’t here yet. It is of extreme importance that you plan in advance to make room for the multitude of equipment cables and battery systems you will need to keep your data center well-ordered and running smoothly. 

One of our top server room tips is to always remember to plan for battery systems. While the new lithium-ion batteries are smaller and easier to manage than VRLA batteries, they still take up space – and skimping on your battery backup options to make more room in your data center is never a good tradeoff. 

3. Plan for Speed 

As IT leaders know, high performance for equipment is achieved by upgrading to modern solutions paired with an effective setup… but there’s more to speed than just your equipment’s speed. There is also the speed of your server room’s initial setup to consider, as well as the speed with which your team can update or service various items in that room. 

In other words: you have to plan for human speed as well as equipment speed, and this can be hard to do if you haven’t had decades of experience designing server rooms and data centers. 

Here at Donwil, we have spent decades (nearly 6 of them!) setting up server rooms and data centers, and our turnkey services for server room setup, expert maintenance, and around-the-clock support can ensure that your data centers are set up for the speed you need, no matter what. 

Start Planning for Your Server Room Setup Now

Thinking about your server room’s environment “after the fact” can result in significantly high (and completely unnecessary) energy costs and downtime. At Donwil, our expert advice is to keep the above-listed server room tips in mind before you upgrade your data center or server room equipment, so you can maximize your ROI and increase the longevity of all your new servers. 

Contact Donwil to Learn More 

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