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How Technology Is Changing the Government Landscape

No matter what your politics are, we can all agree that government is more complex than ever, with global programs, national projects, and local city and state initiatives that take a lot of time and effort to maintain. To ensure the best cost efficiency and responsiveness in our constantly shifting political landscape, technology is being used to make processes, projects, and people work better, faster, and smarter.

As government agencies increasingly adopt emerging technologies such as drones for crowd management, IoT cameras and sensors for traffic lights and facial recognition, and AI / machine learning to automate and speed up process-based tasks, getting the most out of your tech will matter more and more.

However, that technology needs to be able to stay always running, just like our government. This means agencies now need to focus on data center cooling for government, as well as data center power management initiatives, to keep critical technology running at tip-top performance.

TECH CHANGE #1: Data Center Cooling for Government Agencies

The environment in your data center can deeply impact the performance of your technology, which is why government agencies typically choose precision cooling solutions for their server rooms and data centers.

Appropriate data center cooling for government agencies solves two big issues:

  • Temperature: The recommended temperature for optimal performance with server equipment is typically set at 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (though some manufacturers are starting to develop servers that run at warmer temps). However, because temperatures can fluctuate from area to area in your data center, you may be keeping some equipment colder or warmer than the recommendations. Excess cold temperatures can drive up your energy costs, and excess warm temperatures can reduce the life of your equipment. Both options result in your agency spending far more money than necessary.
  • Humidity: In addition to temperature, it is also smart to consider the humidity in your data center or server room. Too much humidity can cause condensation that corrodes your equipment. Too little humidity can result in static electricity build up that can damage delicate electronics.

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TECH CHANGE #2: Data Center Power Management for Government Agencies

Balancing power needs in a data center is delicate process, especially when you are dealing with mission-critical governmental operations that require 100% uptime. Considering the number of power surges, spikes, and other anomalies that happen pretty much all the time, power management in a government agency usually includes:

To maintain uptime, these solutions all need to work together seamlessly – which takes careful planning. As a government agency, you already know how hard it can be to get separate initiatives working together without a beat.

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TECH CHANGE #3: Performance Reviews and Third-Party Outsourcing to Streamline Management

It is important to ensure that power supplies function properly and that the environment in your data center is optimized for peak performance at all times. This requires you to keep a close watch on all your components and perform regular maintenance on all infrastructure support systems, including electrical and cooling systems.

To accomplish this, many government agencies are turning to a combined tactic featuring remote monitoring solutions that provide up-to-date metrics on energy and data center cooling performance. Many agencies and offices also work with expert third-party contractors who will maintain these systems and address emergencies at a lower cost than hiring an expert in house.

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How to Make Sure You’re Covered for Data Center Cooling for Government and More

When crafting your RFP, you will want to ensure that you get all the details right for your data center infrastructure support systems, such as the needs for data center cooling for government agencies and data center power. This helps you streamline your data center overhaul project and assists you in avoiding unwanted setbacks or delays.

If you would like help understanding and sorting through your vast range of power and cooling products and solutions for data centers, Donwil can help with a no-strings attached, unbiased performance assessment that will help you learn exactly where you can and should make optimizations and improvements for your data center.

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Since 1965, Donwil has been the team to trust for sales backed by responsive and reliable service for enterprises that want to get the most from their critical business process power and cooling solutions. As the exclusive provider of Vertiv, Liebert, Starline, and Hitachi, Donwil delivers a range of critical services and solutions to keep organizations across Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia, and Eastern Ohio always running.

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