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A healthcare center which has many critical data infrastructure challenged.

Healthcare Critical Infrastructure Challenges

COVID is finally calming, but that doesn’t mean work is slowing down for hospitals. Instead, 2021 promises to stay busy as newly vaccinated Americans rush to schedule the many healthcare services they’ve been delaying for the past year. 

This rush, combined with a still-high load of COVID cases, is likely to create an added strain on data center power for healthcare facilities, which can significantly impact network performance and reliability… unless you start preparing now to handle the load.

COVID Changed Healthcare, Maybe Forever

Now that we’ve reached the tail-end of the U.S. pandemic crisis, healthcare consumers have developed different expectations for their healthcare delivery models. Gone are the days in which clients would simply show up at hospital facilities at their scheduled times; now patients and their families demand the flexibility of always-available telehealth services. These changes are likely to remain for the foreseeable future. 

For many hospitals, this is a problem

Healthcare facilities were already dealing with a significant IT burden before the pandemic and now savvy IT decision-makers in the healthcare world are understandably worried about balancing the need for affordable healthcare with their ever-increasing mission-critical technology costs. 

Fortunately, the healthcare data center experts at Donwil can help you future proof your data centers, servers, and systems with targeted services for healthcare facilities.

How to Boost Data Center Power for Healthcare and Increase Performance Significantly

One of the biggest IT worries for healthcare providers is power supply. Today’s unpredictable and overburdened power grid features all-too-frequent spikes, surges, swells, and outages when it comes to power delivery – any of which can fry equipment and bring critical health services to a screeching halt. 

Ensuring data center power for healthcare is one of the biggest concerns keeping IT professionals up at night, but those IT pros can rest easy when they work with Donwil. 

Donwil provides a full range of healthcare-focused power services, including:

Donwil also offers no-strings-attached professional assessment services that help you plug costly and inefficient gaps in your data center infrastructure, and we also offer detailed HVAC thermal management services that help healthcare facilities improve the longevity of their mission-critical equipment. 

There is no reason why your IT decision-makers should have to worry about power failures if they have the right protections in place to seamlessly handle issues in data center power for healthcare, while improving uptime and availability. 

Just as your healthcare clients are renewing their attention on health by finally planning those long-overdue preventive care appointments, it’s time for your facilities to start planning to take care of your data center’s long-overdue preventive care activities as well. 

After all, a healthy data center is required when you’re the organization that handles the nation’s health. 

Learn More About Options for Data Center Power for Healthcare – Contact Donwil 

Since 1965, Donwil has been the team to trust for sales backed by responsive and reliable service for enterprises that want to get the most from their critical business process power and cooling solutions. As the exclusive provider of Vertiv, Liebert, Starline, and Hitachi, Donwil delivers a range of critical services and solutions to keep organizations across Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia, and Eastern Ohio always running. 

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