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A woman uses on-premise monitoring for her data center.

On-Premise Monitoring for Your Data Center

What is On-Premise Monitoring Software? 

On-premise monitoring software is used to store a company’s applications on in-house servers. While many businesses have adapted to using the cloud as their monitoring solution, on-premise monitoring offers an additional layer of security that many highly regulated industries find desirable. In some cases, an organization may not want to deal with the hassle of migrating to the cloud and would prefer the control and protection on-premise monitoring offers. 

To utilize on-premise monitoring for your data center, you will need integration capabilities, in-house server hardware, software licenses, and IT support to manage any pressing issues. The cost associated with the IT support required when using on-premise is one of the primary reasons a company might prefer going cloud-based. 

What Industries Typically Use On-Premise Monitoring? 

As mentioned above, businesses may opt for on-premise monitoring solutions due to the advanced security and control it provides. Using on-premise monitoring also gives companies more reliability because you don’t need to use external factors, like the internet, to access the servers. Some of the most popular industries using on-premise monitoring include: 

  • Insurance
  • Banking 
  • Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • Government 
  • Entertainment 
  • Transportation 
  • Telecom 

Monitoring Your Data Center with Vertiv 

As one of the leading manufacturers of DCIM solutions, Donwil is proud to provide its customers with a selection of Vertiv products that best meet their IT infrastructure’s needs. The Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert is an on-premise monitoring system that provides industrial companies with essential facility monitoring software that is both affordable and user-friendly. 

Whether you work in healthcare, financial services, government, or any other industry, this solution gives you superior monitoring, alerting, trending, and data organization capabilities that help protect and grow your company.

The Benefits and Features of Vertiv Environet Alert


  • Simplifies setup, monitoring, and management 
  • Improves your operational awareness and visibility
  • Streamlines integration monitoring with other enterprise systems
  • Maintains functions and systems across data centers and server rooms 
  • Increases server uptime with proactive threat resolution


  • Supplies a modern user interface (UI), allowing total user flexibility and control
  • Vendor-neutral solution for businesses 
  • Offers robust real-time monitoring, alarms, and alerts
  • Provides graphs, reporting, and simplified dashboards
  • Integrates through an API with any SNMP device
  • Has customizable data visualization and flow
  • Is multi-site, global deployment-ready, and globally available
  • Offers global support in several languages
  • Facilitates trap recipient, threshold alarming, and “collections” for user-customized data

Finding the Right Monitoring Solution for Your Business 

Keep your data center always running securely and efficiently with Donwil. Providing companies with premium data center solutions and products for over five decades, Donwil is exclusively partnered with leading brands like Vertiv, Liebert, Starline, and Hitachi. Whether you’re interested in going cloud-based or exploring on-premise monitoring solutions, we’re here to provide you with expert consultation to find the right solution for your IT infrastructure. 

Ready to optimize your data center? Click here to contact Donwil today. 

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