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Man In Data Center Prepares For Storm

Storm-Proofing Your Data Systems

In an era where data is the lifeblood of businesses and organizations, safeguarding data systems against various threats is of paramount importance. Storms, including hurricanes, typhoons, and severe thunderstorms, pose a significant risk to data centers, potentially causing power outages, equipment failures, and data loss. Therefore, it is crucial for data center critical infrastructure suppliers to implement robust storm-proofing measures to ensure the resilience and continuity of their clients’ data systems. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies for storm-proofing data systems and the role of critical infrastructure suppliers in achieving this goal.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS systems play a vital role in storm-proofing data centers by providing backup power during outages. They act as a bridge between the primary power source and critical infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operation and preventing data loss. In the event of a storm-induced power outage, a reliable UPS system can maintain power supply long enough to allow for safe shutdown procedures or enable backup generators to kick in smoothly.

As a certified Vertiv partner, our data center factory-direct services are your key to protecting your data center from storm-related outages (and much more). At Donwil Company, we’re well aware that unexpected outages can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Even small storms can wreak havoc on a facility that isn’t properly equipped and prepared for disaster. That’s where we come in.

When your power can’t go down, you can trust our Liebert™ Uninterruptible Power Supplies from Vertiv, a variety of battery systems, and VYCON® flywheels. Browse our full line of desktop UPSrackmount UPSmidrange UPS, and enterprise UPS systems. Need help selecting the perfect UPS system for your facility? Use our UPS Selection Tool.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions encompass various components and systems that work together to enhance the overall resilience of a data center during storms. This includes robust physical infrastructure, cooling and ventilation systems, power management, security measures, and monitoring and control systems. By integrating these solutions, data centers can create a comprehensive and cohesive environment that mitigates storm-related risks and enhances operational continuity. Browse our integrated solutions today.

Power Distribution

Effective power distribution is crucial for storm-proofing a data center because it ensures reliable and redundant distribution systems, safeguarding that power is delivered efficiently and safely to critical infrastructure. Redundant power distribution units (PDUs), circuit breakers, and intelligent power management systems help minimize the impact of power outages during storms. By distributing power strategically and implementing redundancy, data centers can maintain power flow to critical equipment and prevent downtime.

Flexible and scalable power management is essential for data centers, especially as the number of mission-critical devices grows. Browse our power distribution products, including power distribution cabinets, rack PDUs, static transfer switches, and transformers. For guidance on choosing the best Power Distribution Unit for your needs, refer to our PDU Buyer’s Guide.

DC Power

Direct current (DC) power plays a significant role in storm-proofing data centers by offering advantages over traditional alternating current (AC) power systems. DC power distribution is more efficient, produces less heat, and provides better compatibility with energy storage technologies. It enables the use of advanced energy management systems and renewable energy integration, making data centers more resilient and environmentally friendly. By incorporating DC power into your data center’s infrastructure, overall storm resilience improves, as does energy efficiency.

Our team has a variety of configurations available to fit your data center power needs, from rack mount mini power applications to large configurations with ultra-fast switching. Browse our DC Power Solutions today.

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Data centers located in regions prone to hurricanes, typhoons, or severe thunderstorms face a higher risk of power outages during storms. Thankfully, solutions are available. UPS systems provide crucial backup power during storms, integrated solutions ensure a comprehensive approach to storm-proofing, power distribution systems maintain reliable power flow, and DC power offers efficiency and compatibility advantages. By addressing these aspects, data centers can significantly enhance their ability to withstand storms and minimize disruptions to critical operations.

When you work with us, there is no middleman. As your factory-direct Vertiv partner, we know our products inside and out and will provide you with the support you need every step of the way. Contact us today to get started on a quote.

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