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Lights such as these are used in UV cleaning systems.

How Does a UV Cleaning System Work?

You may have heard of Ultraviolet (UV) cleaning systems being used in healthcare settings or heavily populated buildings, but do you understand how they work? Follow along as we break down what a UV cleaning system is and how they work to reduce and eliminate harmful pathogens. We’ll also highlight two UV HVAC cleaning systems offered by the experts at Donwil. 

What Is a UV Cleaning System?

UV cleaning systems are an affordable, effective, and efficient solution to decrease infectious surface and airborne microbes. These devices are often placed in locations where infection control and prevention are needed most, like hospitals and nursing homes. While clean air is always important, the global pandemic makes microbe neutralization more crucial than ever.

How Does a UV Cleaning System Work?

Ultraviolet light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by constructing covalent bonds between bases in the DNA. After those bonds are formed, the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens are deactivated, preventing them from reproducing and causing infections. This sterilization process has been found to be more economical, safer, and overall more effective than chemical sanitation products. 

While several UV cleaning systems serve different purposes, this blog focuses on HVAC air cleaning products. Let’s cover two of the most popular UV cleaning systems for HVAC use. 

In-Duct UVC Germicidal Fixtures

With an in-duct UVC germicidal fixture, UVC energy processes moving air inside the HVAC ducting to disinfect it before it disperses through occupied areas in your building. This fly-by air disinfectant is typically installed in high-risk locations, like the ICU wing in a hospital. 

In-duct UVC cleaning can also be placed in return ducting so you can reduce the number of microbes circulating throughout the building.  

On-Coil UVC Germicidal Fixtures

While in-duct UVC is responsible for removing airborne viruses and pathogens, on-coil UVC germicidal fixtures are used to clean the interior surfaces of your HVAC system. This 24/7/365 surface treatment uses UVC energy to prevent biofilm formation on the evaporator coils and drain pan of the HVAC system. This cleaning process helps maintain the HVAC’s efficiency by lessening the burden on the heat-exchange coils and blower, as well as removing harmful germs between the fins of the coils and drain pan. 

Explore UV Cleaning Systems with Donwil

In light of the global pandemic, we know businesses everywhere want to do their part to keep their establishments as safe and clean as possible. As a partner of American Ultraviolet, Donwil is proud to offer a variety of UV cleaning systems to meet your facility’s unique needs. Whether you’re interested in UV cleaning or one of the many other UV solutions American Ultraviolet provides, like curing, coating, or germicidal products, our knowledgeable staff can consult you to create a customized approach that works best for your environment. 

Ready to learn more about UV cleaning? Click here to contact our team to get started!

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