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Data Center Professional Services

As your local Vertiv representative, we provide several network-reliability programs backed by the largest global services organization in the industry. We encompass engineering, installation, preventive maintenance, energy-consumption monitoring, project management and total on-site operations management.

We can help you design and implement the ideal solution for your next infrastructure project.

HVAC Thermal Management Services

Our service group provides a full range of mechanical, refrigeration and preventive maintenance programs that give business owners peace of mind. We are your local, factory authorized Vertiv and Liebert Service Provider.

This distinction provides you with certified, factory trained professionals who are experts in the repair and maintenance of Liebert precision environmental systems. Feel confident in putting your data center HVAC maintenance and service into our trusted hands.

We also are fully trained to service your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. We are in a unique position where we can solve all of your critical heating and cooling needs in conjunction with maintaining your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment.

UPS, Power and Battery Services

UPS and battery services are performed by factory direct Customer Service Engineers (CSEs). Vertiv is a dedicated partner you can trust and rely on through every phase of your data center’s lifecycle.

Vertiv Services provide continuous availability and performance optimization to customers because of their mission-critical infrastructure that keeps companies up and running, no matter what.

Vertiv Services’ highly trained CSEs have a strong dedication to business-critical continuity and technology solutions, so customers can take care of their business.

Electrical Maintenance Testing & Engineering Services

Our testing and engineering service group, working in conjunction with Vertiv Services, offers a complete line of electrical maintenance testing and engineering services.

A comprehensive program of electrical services helps identify the root cause of system availability problems, avoid costly downtime, preempt emergency repairs, and maintain a safe operating environment.

Vertiv Services offer a full range of electrical maintenance testing and engineering services designed to ensure optimal performance of your data center.

Professional Assessment Services

Our professional assessment group, working in conjunction with Vertiv Services, offers a complete line of assessment services.

A professional assessment can help you identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability and plan for additional IT capacity.

A full range of Vertiv Services professional assessments have been designed to encourage informed decisions that help you grow your business.

Performance Optimization Services

We can make a real difference in your operations by identifying vulnerabilities. We’ll help you uncover greater productivity and root out causes of lost performance for maximum availability.

UPS Power Rental

Our Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and battery power rentals are ideal for any organization that needs critical power availability that is cost-effective and flexible.

Emergency Service & Parts

Emergencies happen, and we’re prepared to help you get back up and running as soon as possible. Check our Services page for our 24/7  emergency service and repair contact info. We are standing by to allow you to stand up!

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