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What's Changing and What's Staying the Same for Donwil in 2021

Goodbye, 2020. I can’t say that you were not interesting, but I am happy to have you in my rearview mirror.

January is a good time to recap where we were and to give a glimpse into where we are going.

Donwil in 2020 – We Kept Our Clients Always Running

In spite of all of the challenges, Donwil had a good year as a business in 2020.

We kept our entire team intact; we managed to add a good deal of products to our portfolio; and through the dedication of all of our associates, we kept our customers Always Running – even when the odds were against us.

Always Running. It is a phrase you will continue to hear from us: a phrase that has become our motto, our rally cry, and our corporate tagline.

Always Running. That’s the promise we make to you when it comes to your continuous operations, and it is why our incredible and inspiring clients have trusted us for nearly 60 years to handle their data center and mission-critical facilities needs.

We are honored to have earned your trust and, in 2021, we’re committed to providing more services and solutions to you than ever before.

Donwil in 2021 – What We’ll Be Doing Next

Over the past year, and with the help of an amazing marketing team, we rebranded our business to better showcase what we do and who we do it for.

So, what can your organization expect from these new changes?

  • Of course, data centers and mission-critical facilities will always be at the core of who we are and what we do – after all, we have been focused on that path for almost 60 years now.

However, 2020 was a stark reminder that people are the driving force that makes every business run, which is why we have now increased our resources to better focus our attention on keeping the people at your organization safe.

  • In 2021 and beyond, Donwil will additionally provide the very best in air purification technology as well as safe, energy-efficient, cooling and lights-out monitoring solutions.

This new direction fits perfectly with our background and expertise and it is a great way for us to serve your needs better going into the future.

We are proud of this opportunity to service and represent the great companies and solutions that keep your people’s productivity and your facilities Always Running.

What Is Now Available from Donwil?

Our business now fully encompasses 4 key areas to best support our customers:

  1. Data centers and data networks
    The products and services we support include:

HVAC systems for comfort and processes

The products we support include:

Electrical systems for ALL applications
The products we support include:

Monitoring and control, supporting remote work
The products and services we support include:

In all of these cases, we provide fully implemented systems that leverage our expertise and our extensive network of partners and technicians. This ensures that your systems and processes are Always Running – and that your mission-critical facilities and your people stay productive and healthy.

What Can You Expect in 2021 from Donwil?

What you can expect from us in 2021? In one word: more.

More products. More services, more opportunities. More education. More attention. More fun.

We intend to leverage our strong and growing team to help you specify and build your projects on time and on budget, error free.

You, our customers, will have my undivided attention this year. Our team has done an amazing job of adapting and weathering this pandemic.

There are no doubt more tough times ahead, but you can count on Donwil because we will have our warehouses always stocked with parts, our vans always on the road, and our dedicated sales engineers always working to exceed your expectations.

I hope this finds you happily settling into the times we find ourselves living in, but please remember that we are Always Running for you.

Christian Massetti
President and Owner
Donwil Company
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