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Data Center Cooling Management – Accelerate Your ROI

In order to keep data centers running efficiently and safely, they must be closely monitored and always managed. Data center cooling management systems, also known as thermal management systems, must have a strong handle on temperature control. And it doesn’t matter how large or small your data center is, from single network closets to full-size data rooms. It’s absolutely essential, as humidity and condensation can quickly cause damage to mission-critical systems and electronic equipment.

As Michael Kriech stated in an article from, “poorly managed data center cooling can result in excessive heat which can lead to significant stress on servers, storage devices, and networking hardware. This can lead to downtime, damage to critical components, and a shorter lifespan for equipment which leads to increased capital expenditures. Not only that; inefficient cooling systems can increase power costs significantly from an operational perspective.”

Fortunately, through proper data center cooling management, catastrophic damage and disruption can be avoided. Learn how the Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S offers access to actionable data, allowing you to optimize performance and ensure efficiency in your facility.

Optimize Thermal Management With the Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S

Building and expanding data centers is a time-intensive enterprise, which takes staff effort and expertise as well as ongoing CapEx and OpEx investment. Your operational and data center teams seek to optimize the thermal management of your facility to protect high-performing equipment, maintain business operations and drive throughput, while reducing unnecessary energy costs. With the Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S, you can gain a holistic view of your data center, while allowing any temperature sensor to be easily assigned to any unit group’s control.

The iCOM™-S allows data center operators to access thousands of data points that improve automation and ensure maximum uptime and energy savings. Additionally, you can use teamwork functionality, or the ability to collaborate on thermal monitoring and controls, to provide your staff with the connectivity, visibility and tools to coordinate changes.

Scale Thermal Management Across Deployments and Facilities

The Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S is data visualization software that provides your facility and data center management teams with advanced thermal monitoring and control that can reduce energy costs up to 40%, using advanced control algorithms.

This software will help your team streamline the execution of critical tasks, such as auto-discovering devices, monitoring and managing thermal conditions, validating equipment changes and optimizing energy use.

The iCOM™-S offers the following strategic data center objectives:

Fast Deployment

The Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S increases deployment times with auto-discovery of Vertiv devices and use of intelligent system diagnostic tools. This software also includes Building Management System (BMS) integration wizards that give you increased access to data and capabilities not available with other systems.

Easy Integration

Dynamically incorporate new thermal devices into controls, performance metrics, trends and statistical reporting with no reprogramming. Monitor multiple buildouts across campuses with a single desktop application, simplifying your BMS integration.

Simple Configuration

Benefit from enhanced views of system data including dedicated commissioning and reporting screens. The software quickly aggregates connected device data and presents configuration values, enabling your team to identify and address issues, identifying and addressing issues if devices are misconfigured.

Thermal Management Automation

Once your thermal management system is fully integrated, the iCOM-S uses advanced automation algorithms and tools like hot-spot protection to help you control cooling settings and energy usage. Ensure optimal conditions for all your critical equipment and avoid hot spots, or temperature variations that can cause energy waste, increase system outages and damage expensive equipment.

Data Analysis Simplification

The Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S simplifies data ingestion and communication of thermal management data to other externally connected systems. Use system dashboards and reporting to verify thermal conditions. Leverage highly accurate, preprogrammed metrics and diagnostics to streamline any repairs. Harness a common application code to baseline data centers in different regions.

Security Improvement

Maintain tighter control over access to iCOM-S with corporate IT integration. Use multiple features to strengthen security, including a single secure interface, corporate domain user authentication, streamlined patch and firmware updates and parallel installs.

Accelerate Your Path to ROI With the Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S

The iCOM-S provides your data center with multiple cooling management benefits, including:

  • Simplified, automated integration that reduces human error.
  • Substantially decreased deployment and integration time.
  • Increased access to data for better data integrity and system visibility.
  • Up to 40% thermal energy reduction via advanced control algorithms.
  • Accelerated return on investment that is approximately one year for typical installations.

Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S Service Bundle

We offer a bundled service option to streamline the installation process and provide ongoing support to your data center. With installation and configuration from a Vertiv-certified technician, you can be sure your system will be installed correctly and set up to operate at optimal efficiency.

Let’s Get Started

Cooling is essential to protecting your data center equipment and infrastructure but can quickly rack up costs. The Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™-S allows you to manage and control your entire data center thermal management for up to 40% higher efficiency, improved protection and greater productivity. With this advanced thermal monitoring and control software, we provide a single point for overseeing your entire cooling management infrastructure. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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