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Optimize Your IT Infrastructure with a Vertiv DCIM Platform

In every IT environment, the most important goals are maintaining availability while optimizing efficiency and operations.

Vertiv transforms these goals into daily realities through a wide range of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platforms. From site planning features to software which tracks every piece of equipment in your space, these products are just one more way Vertiv is building a world where critical technologies always work.

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Gain Real-Time Visibility with the Vertiv Trellis Platform

The Vertiv Trellis platform provides real-time visibility across all facility resources. The ability to understand inventory and manage capacity, control change and measure performance, take action and show improvements enables confident decision making.

The Trellis Platform opens your space for growth with increased scalability while being vendor agnostic. Enterprise-class security brings peace of mind to consistent data flow with an integrated view into IT and facilities assets.

This industry leading platform is best suited for Banking, Finance & Insurance, Colocation & Hosting, Education, Government Organizations, Healthcare, Retail or Wholesale Locations, and Telcom.

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Access Critical Infrastructure Data with Vertiv Environet Software

The Vertiv Environet software provides visibility into the data center environment and delivers critical data with speed and efficiency.

By improving efficiency, proactive monitoring, and maximizing runtime, Environet offers confidence in data accuracy. Access to this critical data removes the guesswork and allows for knowledge-based decision making. All of these features lead to proactive steps toward protecting the environment and preventing an issue before it becomes problematic.

Environet is best suited for Banking, Finance & Insurance, Colocation & Hosting, Education, Government, and Healthcare facilities.

Vertiv has the DCIM Platform to Transform Your Data Center Management

Whether you are looking for better configuration and capacity tracking, understanding inventory and performance measurement, or real-time comprehensive reporting, Vertiv has the DCIM platform that can be perfectly tailored for your business. Contact your local Vertiv office today and let us help you find the perfect solution for your space.

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