Track Busway Applications

Track Busway Applications

Busway Applications Data Center

Data Center/Mission Critical

With its reliable, efficient design and unmatched flexibility, Starline Track Busway has grown into the industry leading overhead power distribution system for mission critical environments.

Busway Applications Industrial Sm Rev3


Industrial and manufacturing facilities have been trusting Starline Track Busway to supply a reconfigurable, uninterrupted connection to power since the system’s inception in 1988.

Busway Applications Retail


Starline Track Busway makes it easy for retail environments to switch out displays, power cash registers or any other necessary equipment.

Busway Applications Labs

Laboratories & Hospitals

Starline Track Busway’s continuous open-access slot ensures labs and hospitals have a connection to power wherever they need it.

Busway Applications Higher Ed

Higher Education

From a data center environment, to research and science labs, to cafeterias and auditoriums, Starline Track Busway is the ideal power distribution solution for higher education facilities.

Busway Applications Lighting


Being able to fit any grid configuration and built with the unistrut in its housing structure, Starline Track Busway isn’t your typical track lighting.