DC Solutions Applications

DC Solutions Applications

Dc Solutions Data Center

Data Centers/Mission Critical

With its reliable, efficient design and unmatched flexibility, Starline DC Solutions offers a complete, industry leading, high-voltage DC system for integration into your mission critical and other applicable environments.

Dc Solutions Lighting


Utilizing DC power for lighting applications is a definite benefit, especially for LED installations. Starline Track Busway isn’t your typical track lighting.

Dc Solutions Renewables

Renewable Integration

Starline DC Solutions offers several products to assist with integration of your renewable energy sources into the facility. Our proven Track Busway product can be leveraged as a collector and distribution bus, enabling you to directly connect your DC centric renewable devices such as solar, wind and fuel cells directly to the busway. With battery storage and rectification also included in the implementation, all of the necessary components to install a fully-functional renewable system are available to you.