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Vertiv XTE 601E, 84″ Enclosure

This thermally controlled enclosure combines DC power, network electronics and battery backup in a single compartment to meet your macro cell site or C-RAN deployment needs. Electronics and batteries are kept at proper operating temperature by either a door mounted heat exchanger (HX) or an air conditioner, with two Thermal Electric Coolers (TECs) managing battery temperature on the HX version. An environmental controller maximizes cooling effectiveness, while minimizing energy usage and noise.


  • Accommodates up to two battery boxes, which can be interchanged with adjustable equipment rails.
  • Door mounted heat exchanger or air conditioner for thermal management.
  • Heat exchanger option requires two Thermal Electric Coolers (TECs) to manage battery temperature.
  • AC distribution options vary from splice/junction boxes to externally mounted AC load centers with AC surge protection.
  • Rear cable-entry compartment.
  • Can be equipped with NetSure™ or 3rd party DC power systems with optional DC surge protection that protects the entire DC output bus.
  • Support for 15 kW DC generator input, if required.
  • Bottom rear cable entry.
  • Telcordia GR-487 certified, Seismic Zone 4 rated, and UL Listed.


  • Protect critical electronics and equipment from adverse environmental conditions
  • Maintain a cool operating environment with versatile thermal solutions
  • Quick site turn up with fully integrated, high capacity enclosure that integrates into your cell site with ease

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