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NetSure 802 DC Power System​

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The expanded NetSure™ 802 Series introduces separate, stand-alone power and distribution bays complementing the system’s compact combination bays and integrating easily with existing AC infrastructure.


  • Up to 20,000 amp plant capacity in a compact footprint
  • 2000 amp rectification plus distribution in single bay
  • Rectifier efficiency over 96%
  • Built-in automatic monitoring for all distribution devices
  • Internal/external equipment monitoring
  • Protected bulk AC service feeds with 22 or 65 kAIC breakers
  • Remote access using Ethernet (Telnet, web pages, SNMP and TL1)
  • Supports distributed and bulk plant architectures
  • NEBS Level 3 compliance; UL Listed to UL 1801


  • Free up floor space with a design that delivers power conversion, distribution, and control and monitoring in a single bay
  • Significantly reduce cabling and installation costs with an optional integrated internal DC bus
  • Integrated AC Power Distribution Service Cabinet (PDSC) enables you to dedicate existing cabling and breakers to a single rectifier

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