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Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

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Circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting the people and equipment in your critical facility, and are integral in limiting the damage should a fault occur. But like all electrical components, circuit breakers can and do fail. Comprehensive NETA-based testing and maintenance services ensure circuit breakers work when they are needed.


  • NETA-certified acceptance testing and maintenance ensures proper circuit breaker operation and protection of your electrical system
  • Setting verification in accordance with your facility’s short circuit/coordination study ensures circuit breakers will trip according to specifications
  • Infrared scans provide early detection of hot spots that can lead to costly and dangerous problems if not addressed
  • Arc flash studies help mitigate potential electrical hazards for personnel who work on or near energized circuits, and include recommendations for bringing your facility into compliance with critical safety regulations 


  • Increased system availability occurs as operational issues are identified and corrected
  • Improved worker safety results from circuit breakers operating per specifications
  • Reduced unplanned downtime is due to elimination of circuit breaker malfunctions or failures
  • Lower overall maintenance costs are achieved due to ongoing oversight of assets that reduces larger, more costly issues
  • Improved protection of your critical equipment occurs as circuit breakers operate properly
  • Longer equipment operating life happens as the protection system is optimized

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