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Albér BDS-40 Battery Monitoring System

Battery monitoring system that mounts to the top of a UPS battery cabinet and monitors 12 and 16 volt sealed batteries. The easy-to-use system tracks internal resistance, predicting and reporting failing conditions prior to complete failure to allow proactive replacement.

Albér BDSi Integrated Battery Monitoring System

Albér BDSi is designed specifically for factory integration into Liebert UPS battery cabinets. The system provides detailed battery information, allowing for cost savings by optimizing useful battery life. Instead of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries prematurely to prevent problems, you can continue to utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by knowing their true internal condition.

Albér MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System

Diagnostic system designed for lower cell count applications such as telecom or stationary battery systems. Continuous data center monitoring potential problems using parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Automatic periodic tests of battery internal resistance verify the operating integrity of the battery.

Avocent AMX Analog High Performance KVM Sw​itches

The Avocent AMX Analog High Performance KVM switch provides real-time user access to all major server platforms and serial devices.

Avocent AV 3008, AV 3016 and AV 3200 Digital KVM Switches

Built for small datacenters and remote/branch office environments, the AV 3008, AV 3016 and AV 3200 models of KVM over IP switchs provide consolidated, streamlined access to server resources.

Liebert Nform, Centralized Monitoring Software

Liebert Nform centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of equipment for companies of every size. It provides network management of distributed Liebert equipment with notifications and messaging, with software versions available to meet business needs.​

Liebert® AC4 Controller

Autochangeover controllers are ideal for coordinated control of systems with redundant data center infrastructure equipment, such as multiple environmental units or pumps. When the controller detects an alarm in an operating device, a standby device is enabled and the device in alarm is either disabled or left operating as configured.

Liebert® AC8 Controller

Auto-changeover controllers are ideal for coordinated control of systems with redundant data center infrastructure equipment, such as multiple environmental units or pumps. When the controller detects an alarm in an operating device, a standby device is enabled and the device in alarm is either disabled or left operating as configured.

Trellis All Access Partners

This Trellis Partner training program allows access to all Trellis courses in the catalog as well as the Avocent Universal Management Gateway.

Trellis Certified Monitoring Specialist

“The Trellis Certified Monitoring Specialist provides users with an understanding of the Trellis platform monitoring capabilities and enables them to perform all the necessary
steps to configure and monitor devices. This certification enables users to use the Energy Insight module to track current and historical efficiency metrics, as well as access energy consumption dashboards for determining data center sub-system cost. “

Trellis Certified Planning Specialist

The Trellis Certified Planning Specialist certification enables participants to manage the physical inventory within data centers using the Trellis platform. Participants also learn
to use the Trellis Change Planner module to manage projects and tasks in a well-designed, thoroughly documented manner, with complete visibility and control of the process.

Trellis Inventory Manager and Project Planning

This course combines, lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on lab exercises that cover Trellis Inventory Manager and Change Planner.

Trellis Power Systems Manager

This course provides participants with lecture, discussion and hands-on experience using Trellis Power Systems Manager. Course topics cover identifying Trellis Power Systems Manager dependencies, adding switchgear, making power connections, creating one-line diagrams, reviewing downstream devices, editing port state expressions, and configuring Trellis Power Systems Manager Dashboards.

Trellis Process Manager

This course enables data center professionals to understand the organization of tasks within their data center. Students will learn how to use a single interface for tracking workflow, along with instantaneous updates to their Trellis environment. Attendees will learn how to set up the infrastructure, execute processes, and view relevant metrics through integrated dashboards and reports. This course combines lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on lab exercises.

Trellis Site Manager

This course combines, lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on lab exercises that cover Trellis Site Manager. Course topics cover Trellis Site Manager architecture and managing symbols, roles, and permissions. This course also covers managing devices, establishing monitoring, and collecting data. Other topics cover working with alarms, events, and notifications. This course also covers changing building power phase labels and creating reports.

Trellis Thermal System Manager

This course familiarizes learners with the capabilities of the Trellis System Manager module. It offers a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstrations and hands-on labs exercises to provide the learner with a rich and immersive training experience. This course covers navigation of the thermal maps and views, as well as configuration of thermal thresholds and thermal report generation. This training addresses Thermal concepts, best practices and solutions to common thermal issues.

Trellis™ Asset Management

Trellis™ Asset Management provides a set of graphical visualization tools that empower your infrastructure team to map out floor space and understand where assets are, who they belong to and how they are connected. Trellis Asset Management is the ultimate DCIM tool that provides a visual look into your assets, connections and capacity; both physical and virtual.

Trellis™ Enterprise Solutions

By providing real-time, integrated view of IT and facility assets, the Vertiv™ Trellis™ DCIM solution makes it easier to collaborate, plan and control changes in the data center.

Trellis™ Inventory Manager

The ultimate tool for keeping track of all of your assets.

Trellis™ Mobile Suite

The Trellis™ Mobile Suite will eliminate note taking, reduce the chance of errors through re-entering of data, increase staff efficiency and reduce time spent on audits. The Trellis Mobile Suite extends the real-time capabilities of the Trellis platform while physically being located in the data center.

Trellis™ Monitoring Management

Trellis™ infrastructure monitoring provides a comprehensive view of the data center power system from the utility entrance down to rack power distribution. It enables data center managers to view the operating state of their devices and their dependencies in a single view

Trellis™ Platform Capacity Planning Solution

The Trellis™ Capacity Planning Solution provides software and services in a complete package, – With this solution you can determine if existing hardware is meeting the company’s current needs, and provide a projection for future requirements.

Trellis™ Platform Data Center Monitoring Solution

The Trellis™ Data Center Monitoring Solution provides software, hardware, and services for monitoring in a comple​te package. This solution may also be integrated with other Trellis™ modules to create a full-featured data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution.

Trellis™ Platform Energy Manager Solution

The Trellis™ Energy Management Solution enables you to manage the energy usage in the data center with a centralized solution, quickly and in a cost effective manner.​

Trellis™ Power System Manager

Complete management of your data center’s power system.

Trellis™ Quick Start Solutions

Each solution package is all inclusive and designed to meet your specific business need. It offers low-risk entry point to DCIM software with options to scale. Having a more streamlined and simplified process enables faster user adoption, implementation and ROI.

Trellis™ Site Manager

Tracks and reports on the health of facility-critical devices and provides information on power, cooling and environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, airflow and fluid leaks .

Trellis™ Thermal System Manager

Provides thermal management for the dynamic and often complex data center environment.​​​​​

Trellis™­ Platform Thermal Manager Solution

The Trellis™ Thermal Management Solution analyzes and monitors real-time conditions to manage capacity and uptime in order to make important decisions that prevent unnecessary downtime and costly outages

Vertiv™ Environet™

Vertiv™ Environet™ is a comprehensive monitoring systems solution which collects the data you need to run your data centers efficiently. With visibility and management of the data center environment, Environet™ transforms complexity into simplicity. Access to real-time, holistic information empowers you to proactively manage moves, adds and changes. Environet’s interactive interface delivers critical information, so intelligent decisions are made with speed and confidence.