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Midrange UPS

UPS Equipment for Small Business Data Centers

These Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) units are best for use in your Mid-Range and Small Business Data Center. They are perfect for facility-wide protection of sensitive electronic equipment. Browse our full line of Vertiv/Liebert small business data center UPS equipment below. Need help to select the right equipment? Try our UPS Selection Tool to get a customized recommendation.

Liebert APM UPS

The row-based Liebert APM is a transformerless, on-line UPS that allows quick and easy capacity increases – no additional floorspace required. The UPS operates with the industry’s highest efficiency – up to 94% at loads of 50-100%.

Liebert eXM

The Liebert® eXM UPS is based on a reliable, double conversion power topology that uses an efficient transformer-free design. Excellent efficiencies of 95.4% are generated and can be enhanced to 98% using our unique Eco Mode. A unity power factor delivers more capacity in a smaller footprint.

Liebert NX UPS, 40-200kVA

The Liebert NX is a true on-line, double conversion, three-phase UPS system with Softscale™ technology that provides a scalable solution for growing data centers.

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