Liebert Isolation Transformer

This product is discontinued.


  • Packaged isolation and surge suppression
  • Provides computer-grade grounding
  • Offers optional K-rated transformers
  • Operates with high energy efficiency
  • Benefits

    • K-rated transformers available for additional non-linear load capability.
    Higher Availability
    • Superior noise attenuation is achieved with double-shielded copper isolation transformers.
    • Surge suppression network handles high-speed, high-energy transients and high-frequency noise in the normal mode.
    • Computer-grade grounding establishes a single point ground for proper computer operation.
    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • All copper windings for high efficiency and long service life.
    Ideally Suited For:
    • Computers and peripherals
    • Telecommunications
    • Medical
    • CAD/CAM
    • Laboratory instrumentation
    • Process control
    • Office automation
    • Building Security and as a bypass transformer for UPS systems