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Emergency Response Services

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Unexpected failure can pose serious hazards to your critical infrastructure. Whether a large-scale outage or a localized technical glitch, these emergencies demand a prompt response from an experienced partner. Vertiv’s emergency response services ensure your data center has a quick, safe, and reliable return to operation.


  • Damage assessment of your data center infrastructure occurs through physical inspection and testing to determine serviceability of equipment
  • Repair and recondition services are available for any manufacturer’s equipment that is serviceable
  • Equipment replacement and spare parts support for non-serviceable equipment is essential for efficient, cost-effective recovery
  • Commissioning and startup verifies proper equipment installation and ensures restarts adhere to applicable safety guidelines


  • Quicker, safer, and more cost-effective return to business occurs with professional, comprehensive emergency response tailored to specific recovery objectives
  • Reduced exposure to risk results from focused and experienced hazard and risk management
  • Better use of internal resources and personnel is achieved as the experts handle emergency recovery while your people stay focused on business-critical tasks
  • Improved compliance with industry regulations occurs through strict adherence to the latest industry safety standards

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