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Specialty Products

Specialty Surge Protection Devices

Browse our specialty surge protection devices for your non-typical application or installation such as applications requiring higher current, like security systems, or applications requiring low impedance. We’re committed to finding the surge suppression solutions you need. If you can’t find what you need here, let us know. We’ll help you identify a solution that fits your application.

ASCO Model 146 (Edco PLP-S) Surge Protective Device

The Edco PLP series of products provide isolated power loop circuit protection in applications where a higher current is required, such as fire alarm and security systems. Non-degrading SADS will last the lifetime of equipment, ensuring uptime.

ASCO ACG (AccuGuide) Interconnect Assembly

Maximizes performance by transmitting transients generated by lighting and switching with minimal voltage drops. Each AccuGuide unit includes Vertiv’s patented coaxial cables with minimized inductance. All systems also produce extremely low impedance, unattainable in conventional interconnects.

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