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Point-of-Use Surge Protection Devices

Installing point-of-use surge protection devices is one of the best ways to prevent system damage and avoid expensive downtime. While installing surge supression products at the electrical service entrance is a smart place to start, it’s not enough. Browse our full line of point-of-use surge protection devices and keep your critical systems protected and online. Need help finding the best surge protection solutions? The Surge Protection Device Selection Tool helps you select SPDs for a broad range of applications from small data rooms to enterprise data centers.

ASCO Model 277 (Islatrol™ IE) Surge Protective Device

A series-connected DIN/flange mount high-frequency noise filter/surge suppressor.

ASCO 275 Surge Protective Device (Islatrol IC+)

Series connected high-frequency noise filter with transient protection.

ASCO Model 270 (Islatrol E) Surge Protective Device

Provides Active Tracking® filtering, for DC power loads to protect against spikes, transients, and noise.

ASCO Model 237 (Edco FAS-120AC) Surge Protective Device

The Edco FAS-120AC surge suppressor is designed to protect AC distribution panel circuits or 120V power supplies feeding sensitive electronic equipment.

ASCO Model 254 (Edco SHA-1210) Surge Protective Device

The Edco SHA-1210 filtering surge protector absorbs power line noise and switching transients that other suppressors and RFI filters pass through. The Edco SHA-1210 can replace the RFI filter when high attenuation of noise above 25 MHz is not required.

ASCO Model 235 (Edco SHA) Surge Protective Device

Surge protection for highway lighting/street pole applications. The suppressor is encapsulated in a weatherproof enclosure that is installed right inside the pole.

ASCO Model 254 (Edco ACP-340) Surge Protective Device

Filtering surge protector that absorbs power line noise and switching transients that other suppressors and RFI filters pass through.

ASCO Model 234 (Edco SHA-1201) Surge Protective Device

The Edco SHA-1201 is specifically designed for type 170 Traffic Controller cabinets that require power neutral to remain isolated from cabinet earth ground. Protection is provided both between phase-to-neutral, and neutral-to-ground.

ASCO Model 258 (Edco SHA-1250) Surge Protective Device

Provides excellent noise suppression over a large frequency range.

ASCO Model 251 (Edco SHP Series) Surge Protective Device

Designed from the outset to withstand the NEMA transient specification.

ASCO Model 238 (Edco TCS-HWR) Surge Protective Device

Two-stage design that provides superior protection for sensitive equipment and for ANSI/IEE c62.41 Location Category A applications.

ASCO Model 250 (Edco INXT) Surge Protective Device

The Islatrol INXT120NL000-1 is a 120VAC, 60A, EMI/RFI filter. The INXT is a series-connected device designed to filter electrical type transients impinging on electrical distribution of a traffic control cabinet.

ASCO Model 233 (Edco SPA-100T and SPA-300) Surge Protective Device

Intended for equipment located in outdoor cabinets exposed to lightning transients.

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