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Panelmount (Facility Wide)

Panel Mounted Surge Protection Devices

Address facility-wide surge suppression with panel mounted surge protection devices (SPDs). These high-energy protection products are a strong first line of defense against high-impulse transients. You’ll find our products offer a wide range of protection levels and configurations to meet your needs, including web-based monitors, multi-stage suppression systems, modular designs, and much more. Need help to find the best surge protection solutions? The Surge Protection Device Selection Tool helps you select SPDs for a broad range of applications from small data rooms to enterprise data centers.

570 Surge Protective Device (formerly Liebert SH)

A true hybrid device offering a coordinated multi-stage system of suppression, integrating the fast response time of the SAD (Silicon Avalanche Diode) modules with the high-energy capability of the MOV modules. Superior clamping at surge current ratings up to 375kA per mode or 750kA per phase.

560 Surge Protective Device (formerly Liebert SI & ASCO 452)

A modular design with available surge current ratings from 160kA to 1000kA per phase. Provides facility-wide surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering at service entrance and distribution panels.

510 Surge Protective Device (formerly Liebert ACV, LM, LPGE & ASCO 450, 352)

A modular or non-modular line available at surge current ratings up to 250kA per mode or 500kA per phase offering continuous protection from damaging transients and electrical line noise.

460 Surge Protective Device

A modular surge protective device capable of diverting high-energy transients. The 460 incorporates either single or dual modules that contain multiple, large block MOVs.

440 Surge Protective Device

A non-modular, surge protective device that incorporates the same design platform as the 460 SPD; high-energy capable, thermally protected large block MOVs and a similar assortment of accessories.

430 Surge Protective Device

A surge protective device that offers high-end surge capability at a competitive price. The 430 uses thermally protected MOVs, provides EMI/RFI filtering in a package that focuses on basic features and reliable performance.

425 Surge Protective Device

The 425 uses thermally protected MOVs, is designed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, and is tested as a UL 1449 Type 1 device, so it can be placed on the line or load side of the main disconnect.

420 Surge Protective Device (formerly PowerSure CM)

A compact, non-modular design with surge ratings up to 50kA per mode or 50kA per phase. Includes LED status inducation, summary alarm contacts, and is housed in a weather resistant enclosure.

330 Surge Protective Device (formerly PowerSure LPM, IM & ASCO 351)

Available with surge current ratings up to 80kA per mode or 160kA per phase. Protects connected equipment against electric power line disturbances and transients in medium exposure locations.

320 Surge Protective Device (formerly LPL, IL & ASCO 350)

Available with surge current ratings up to 25kA per mode or 50kA per phase. Protects connected equipment against electric power line disturbances and transients in low exposure locations.

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