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Power Distribution Cabinets

Power Distribution Cabinets

Your data center relies on a dependable power supply. Even a small disruption is a critical issue, so your power distribution systems must be a focal point. When you need to integrate power distribution into the rack environment or supply packaged power in a small footprint, rely on our Power Distribution Cabinets. Browse our full line below.

In-Row Power Distribution Cabinet FDC – 42 Poles to 168 Poles

Integrate power distribution into the rack environment, with the rack-sized Liebert FDC. The stand-alone cabinet blends physically and cosmetically with rack equipment, while offering the distribution capabilities of a much larger unit.

Power Distribution Cabinet RDC – 42 Poles to 168 Poles

Liebert RDC remote distribution cabinet extends the functionality of the PDU by packaging 168 poles (four complete panelboards) in a stand-alone cabinet with the smallest possible footprint.

Power Distribution Cabinet RX – 42 Poles to 84 Poles

The Liebert RX remote power distribution cabinet supplies packaged power distribution in the smallest possible footprint, with 400 Amp and 84 poles in one panelboard, and only requiring 24″x12″ space.

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